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Jay-Z and Nas

2Pac and B.I.G Jay-Z and Nas Home

The Roots Very recently Nas went on air with Hot 97 and said he is willing to put the past behind and record with Jay-Z.

Now, Jay-Z has addressed the opportunity but not exactly with open arms reports MTV.

Jay-Z told MTV "I don't know," he said of the possible pairing. "It didn't happen before there was beef. What we went through was something musical. I don't wish any ill will; I wish the guy the best of luck. But there wasn't collaborations before anything happened, so why would it happen after? Right?"

On the otherside, it seems as if Nas’ openness has closed slightly.

"I mean, at this point people would like to see a lot of things," Nas said. "Let's let that be what it is. I can't really bring nothing good to that conversation. I'm happy. I hope everybody else is happy. I've got too many other things I've got to do right now. That conversation is what happens on every street corner all day long. So God bless everybody."

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