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2Pac and B.I.G

2Pac and B.I.G Jay-Z and Nas Home


This is the rap feud of the century which unfortunately ended in the murder of both stars. As stars and exemplars of maturity, these two stars started feuding over which was better in the mid-nineties, the East Coast or West Coast. Tupac accused his ex-friend Biggie and his producer Sean "Puffy" Combs (now known as "P.Diddy" for anyone who happens to live in Kabul or somewhere this news hasn't reached) of trying to shoot him. This theory was validated when Tupac was shot 5 times and nearly died in New York in 1994. After that the two had a falling out, causing Tupac to release a song in which he brags truthfully about having sex with Biggie's wife, R&B singer Faith Evans, disses Biggie's entire crew, and threatens to murder them and their entire families ("my fo--fo make sho all your kids don't grow"). Of course we all know how this ends...both Tupac and Biggie are shot to death. Both cases remain unsolved. While this isn't a particularly amusing rap beef, it is one of the originals and perhaps the best known. Fortunately, all the East-West nonsense seems to have died down since this one.