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The Carter is an apartment complex that was taken over by a ruthless crimelord named Nino Brown. He took over this complex because of its convenient location of being in the middle of the city and he could sell his products here very easily.

Crimes and drugs ruled the streets of New York during Nino Brown's reign and the streets were in dire need of assistance. As in any matter, the police took action and tried to pursue Brown and bring him to justice, but he was too connected and had friends in very high places.

Police took all sorts of action in bringing him to justice but he evaded every one of them and became well known as "Mr. Untouchable." In the end it took a brave detective to go undercover and pose as a client-turned right hand man to Brown and the ultimate result was his prison sentence.

The prison sentence was very unproductive, only a year. This caused an uproar in the court room and after Nino exited the court room he was shot by an angry old man who was passionate about his downfall and could not let Brown exit with such a minescule sentence.

Nino Brown was a menace to his society and he was accused under many circumstances to be killing his own people. He manipulated those who were weaker in order to expand his business and his work ethic would never allow him to mix business with personal relationships of any kind.

Nino turned on a childhood friend named "G Money" for putting his empire in jeopardy. This struck "G Money" as a devastation given that he knew Nino for nearly 20 years. The two business partners seemed to be living the high life until things got a little too heavy for slip-ups and it was at this moment that Nino insisted that he murder "G Money" for the safety of his thriving business.

Nino Brown was considered a ruthless criminal and he held a definitive position of power. He ruled his city and had inhabitants running in fear because he had such a reputation for punishment and brutal advances toward handeling business.

The streets are safer now, Nino Brown is dead, justice has somewhat been served to the people of the city, and Brown does not lurk in the shadows of his consumers.

Nino Brown took no prisoners and it is because of this that his reign lasted for so long. His essence is still fealt by those who were directly connected with him and people still fear him, even though he no longer lives. Nino Brown was a very persistent criminal and he bestowed fear and consequences upon those who crossed him.