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Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are my favorite basketball team simply because Detroit is one of my favorite cities. In my opinion the Pistons rise above any team because they all play with a sense of style; they make every move look good, their style is kind of a blend between streetball and fundamental basketball. The Pistons are a very diverse team in the sense that each one of their players have different specialties. The starting five are Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, and Tayshaun Prince.

The Pistons play a "run and gun" type of offense and their defense is very efficient mainly because of their speed and Rasheed and Ben's incredible abilities to block shots and rebound. Chauncey Billups is the ball handler, Richard Hamilton is the slasher and Tayshaun Prince is the well rounded forward. They all contribute to the team and everyone on it seems to have their game(s) where they shine as an individual player apart from the team.

Just recently, the Pistons were in the finals battling against the San Antonio Spurs. They ended up losing but they managed to put up a significant fight. The Pistons impact the NBA because not only were they in the finals this year, but they were in it last year as well and they won it. I look forward to seeing them go far this season as well.

The Pistons have great defense, which is one of my favorites as well, they can steal and block and the two are pretty much balanced out. Ben Wallace is the best blocker and either Richard Hamilton, Chauncey Billups or Lindsay Hunter are the best stealers. They are usually pretty good at shutting the other team down because of their strength.

My favorite team is the Pistons because they are so affective in both areas of the game. They have their wins and loses but they work pretty hard in most of the games that they play, not all of them because sometimes they slack off. The Pistons are a champion squad and prosper efficiently throughout the other teams in the league.