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Muhammad Ali:The Greatest

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay on January 17,1942. He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and his father suggested that he learn to fight; after training he flew through the youth boxing ranks and soon became established as a dominant fighter. He went on to win various fights and also participated in the 1960's olympics where he won the gold metal for lightweight boxer.

Ali won his first professional fight in Louisville on October 29, 1960 against a West Virginian police chief named Tunney Hunsaker. It was a 6 round decision fight. He went on to achieve a record of 19-0 with 15 knockouts and defeated the best boxers around.

One of Ali's fights that was extremely popular was his fight against Sonny Liston. No one thought that Ali would win because he was too young to beat the veteran fighter. Liston was considered the Mike Tyson of his era and regardless of what the media had said, he was not able to defeat Ali. Ali fought Liston witha battered eye, almost swolen shut, and caused Liston to surrender into the 7th with a dislocated shoulder.

    Muhammad Ali often promoted himself with statements such as:
  • "I float Like a butterfly, sting like a bee"
  • "I'm the astronaut of boxing"
  • "I'm so fast that last night I turned the light switch off in my bedroom and I was in bed before the room was dark."